Ace D. Copular
Age 17
Likes/Interests His Gang
   Cold sweets (as seen in Power Lunch)
   Snake (sometimes)
   Mojo Jojo (in Relish Rampage)
   Doing petty crimes, eg: prank calls, graffiti and terrorising kids.
   Sedusa (before her betrayal in Aspirations)
Dislikes/Hates The Powerpuff Girls
   Professor Utonium
   Mojo Jojo (Telephonies)
   HIM (Telephonies)
   Fuzzy Lumpkins (Telephonies)
   Snake (sometimes)
   Sedusa (after her betrayal in Aspirations)

Ace D. Copular is a fictional leader from the animated series The Powerpuff Girls and is the leader of The Gangreen Gang.

Gallery Edit

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