Coraline Jones
Occupation Presume Student
Age 12
Family Charlie Jones (Father)

Mel Jones (Mother)

Friends Katie Sandow, The Cat, Emily, Wallace, Gromit, Wybie Lovat, Bugs Bunny (Possibly)
Enemies Other Mother, Victor Quartermiane, Irina Spalko, Lord Barkis Bittern
Likes/Interests Adventure, her family, friends
Dislikes/Hates being Crazy, Other Mother
Status Alive

Coraline Jones is an adventurous, clever, twelve year old girl in the film, She is one of the main protagonists in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie and Coraline (along with Katie Sandow.) She and Katie work together to go inside the Other World and against the Other Mother from kidnapping Coraline's parents, Emily, Wallace and Gromit.


Katie Sandow = Coraline likes her cause Katie is adventurous and Coraline trusts her.

Other Mother = She use to like her until when The Cat reveals the real theroies about the Other remoter then dislikes her.

Wallace = She doesn't mind Wallace but sometimes Wallace was somewhat annoy with her.

Emily = Emily and Coraline don't share with each attitudes, But they mostly get along.

Gromit = Coraline likes Gromit and they have some ideas with each other.

Bugs Bunny = Coraline doesn't know who's Bugs but Katie did mention about about him and Coarline possibly like him.