Emily and Thundercat
Emily facing
Name Emily and Thundercat
Air Date 02/03/16
Written By Brandon Buckingham
Directed By Katie Sandow
Debut Characters Thundercat
Antagonist Characters Thundercat
Previous Slumber Party
Next Zeena's Revenge Pt 1
Emily and Thundercat is the fifth episode of The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show series.


After escaping Vicky's torture castle in another dimension, Katie Sandow stole a piece of blue print paper of were location of a diamond ring is. Morty Smith visits Katie for a while and gives Katie some other papers of the three powerful, priceless ring objects, Morty now leaves. Katie lays down on the couch watching some of her favourite shows. Emily, in the other hand, she feels annoyed and mad. Katie asks what's her problem. Emily says Wallace 'dumped' her by another girl. Katie was surprised and rushes to her room. Katie enters her own room, sees Wallace with Thundercat. Katie questions Wallace why did he broke up with her, Wallace didn't into think it was a date. Katie was confuse why. Thundercats said it was just getting along to be friends. Katie was relieved and goes to Emily at once. Katie told Emily it was just a false alarm, Emily doesn't believe her and marches through pass Katie.

Meanwhile, GLaDOS tries to get Austin Ryan's attention, however, Austin stills hates her for what happened before. GLaDOS gets suspicious, but tries to calm down and be nice to him. Overtime GLaDOS follows Austin around, he gets annoyed and finally questions what is she trying to do, GLaDOS says she wants to be friends with him, but then accidentally reveals to borrow his organs for her experiment, Austin gets annoyed and leaves her alone.

Later, Emily confronts Thundercat into thinking she is planing evil, Thundercats whispers evilly that she was trying to win Wallace over her and destroys Emily. Thundercat and Emily fight for a moment and Gromit was surprise. Emily knocks down Thundercats and faints. Gromit and Emily now takes Thundercats to her room, into thinking it was just a room, in India. Wallace cries for a short time, Emily calms him down and Wallace and Emily finally stays with each other.




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