GLaDOS facing Katie
Aliases POTaTOS
Friends Katie Sandow (occasionally), Wallace, Gromit, Emily, Sonic The Hedgehog, Lady Tottington, Sadness, Fear, Hutch, Coraline Jones (All Briefly)
Likes/Interests science, neurotoxin, killing humans (secret)
Enemies Victor Quartermaine, Katie Sandow (Usually), Austin Ryan, Evil Katie, Evil Morty
Dislikes/Hates Katie alive, tests completed, Birds, Victor, Danger
Status Living
Debut Appearance Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Portal

GLaDOS is the main antagonist in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Portal and was the main antagonist, turned into the main deuteragonist in of half the story on a episode finale Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie's Last Stand.

In a brand-new series, The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show, GLaDOS is on and off main antagonist of the series. Unlike with Evil Katie & Evil Morty, but she can be occasionally nice or aggressive towards Katie Sandow and tries to kill or get rid of Katie away from her plans, however, GLaDOS was not with Evil Morty or Evil Katie as partners.


Katie SandowEdit

GLaDOS has no good relationship at her at all, GLaDOS wants katie dead or gone as she can trie her best. GLaDOS makes Katie insecure or mad by bullying her as when she is still alive and pasting tests.

In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie's Last Stand", GLaDos, at frist, usually makes Katie miserable, but later at Chapter 6, She briefly becomes allies of Katie Sandow and always do the talking and helps Katie defeat Victor Quartermaine for takes her body.


She is a intelligent and annoyed computer grammar, she owns the Aperture Science company to train some "other" trainers so she can kill someone or something. She focuses on Katie to kill her and she is not as dumb as she can be. However, she is afraid of birds because the bird was trying to eat her one time and kills technology.


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