If i'm lucky, i might rub that nerd in his art with his punishment!
— Katie thinking to payback Victor
Katie Sandow
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Aliases Queen Katie, heroine, little girl
Age 15 (season 1 - 2)

16-17 (Season 3 - Present)

18 (Adult Party Cartoony's)

19 (The New Class)

Family Phillip Wager (Father)

Joellen McMullen (Mother)
Emily (God Friend, mother)
Wallace (God Friend, father)
Gromit (God Friend, Dog)
Pink Panther (Pet, briefly)

Friends Major:
Bugs Bunny/Happy Rabbit
Sonic The Hedgehog
Coraline Jones
Lady Tottington
Mr. Carrigg (sometimes)
Thomas (ex-boyfriend)
Weird Girl
Tails The Fox
Knuckles The Echidna
Amy Rose
Stick The Badger
Trixie Tang
Kwan (sometimes)
Austin Ryan (new boyfriend)
The PowerPuff Girls
Marceline The Vampire Queen
Rick Sanchez (sometimes)
Morty Smith
GLaDOS (sometimes)
Hatsune Miku
Kasane Teto
Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Len
Megurine Luka
Kamui Gakupo
Akita Neru
Kaiko Shoin
Pink Panther
VY2 Yuma
Haku Yowane
Utatane Piko
Paolo Valisari (formerly)
Chipettes (Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor)
N'Dugo, Kip & Baleto
Mr. Kwame
Cream The Rabbit
Cheese The Chao Cosmo The Seedrian, The Cat, Silver The Hedgehog, Blaze The Cat, Light Gaia, Cedric Diggory
Likes/Interests her god friends, friends, defeating her enemies, adventure, her own way, Thomas, getting an A+ The PowerPuff Girls
Enemies Victor Quartermaine
The Dazzlings
Lord Barkis Bittern
Mike Teavee
Violet Beauregarde
Zeena The Zeti
Augustus Gloop
Princess Morbucks
Veruca Salt
Dr. Eggman
Purple Guy
Flandre Scarlet
Phantom Animatronics
Spring Trap
Other Mother
Evil Katie
Evil Morty
Mikayla (Frenemy)
GLaDOS (Frenemy)
Animatronics (formerly)
Valerie Gray (formerly)
Toshiaki (formerly)
Nassor (formerly)
Dislikes/Hates Vicky torturing her, danger, Victor messing up her day, The Dazzlings' schemes, Bad wishes from Wallace, her bad day, getting bad grades by Mr. Carrigg Peter Pettigrew looking at her
Status alive
God Relationship(s) Wallace (god father)
Emily (God Mother)
Gromit (god dog)
Debut Appearance Pilot (in 'K, E, W & G')

Pilot (In 'The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show')

Final Appearance Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie's Last Stand (Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit series)

Katie Sandow [1](or the wiki nickname Katie Sandowkm) is the main protagonist (with Emily, Wallace and Gromit.) She has a boyfriend Thomas. She is very adventurers and not afraid (but sometimes Vicky.) She appears in every episode in the series.

She usually uses her god friends in a Emengecy way, however, she sticks with them as their friends but Emily, Wallace and Gromit doesn't seem to mind but sometimes they don't like her greediness (unlike Victor). Katie loves to mess with her enemies (especially Mr. Carrigg). She mostly use as a main/major role, but she does, can be a minor role very, very rarely.

She occasionally gets a job, but mostly at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria but she pretty much hates it their from the Animatronics' supernatural haunting. In Night 6 (Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Five Nights at Freddy's 2) she sees Golden Freddy, one of her most scheme animatronic-enemy. However, in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Baby Face, she wore a golden freddy outfit to not get captured by Gary and Betty or Victor Quartermaine, but she revealed that she like that outfit because it smells like raspberry. She's also a good singer who occasionally sings in some episodes by her self or with her friends.


Katie Sandow was an average, Shy and clever girl who likes to be herself most of the time until when she had Emily, Wallace and Gromit as a god friends, she planned to torture and destroy Vicky and success but vicky never gives up. Emily also tells Katie that she, Wallace and Gromit also has enemies and Katie decides to make them trouble. Her main enemies are Victor Quartermaine, Zeena The Zeti, Lord Barkis Bittern, The Dazzlings and even Vicky. She has many adventures with them most of the times and she usually succeeds but sometimes she ends up pretty bad of her injures (some villains), broken bones (from Barkis Bittern) and rarely near deaths (mostly Victor, Vicky and Lord Barkis.)

She has a boyfriend Thomas and they both go to the old school Element Casp high, it wasn't popular and shiny as it use to be back at the 20th centuries. She also meets some weird and random characters to be friends with or enemies with. She has a anti self name Anti-Katie (character) and they both have no connections with their different relationships. She dislikes the villains killing her, going to day care like a baby and getting lame jobs from Mr. Carrigg. All tho in The Katie Sandow's Adventures Movie, she meets a handsome and charming Paolo Valisari and they both have in common, She wasn't cheating on Thomas, it was Paolo's face that gets the "Cutie" faces, until later in the chapters, she was heart broken and depressed but she knows he was going to kill her and Sonic, Wallace, Emily, Gromit and others stopped him and saves katie and she went back to normal from her usual self.

She was originally going to appear The Painting Madness with Victor Quartermaine, she has no god friends at first and Katie makes some sneaky things towards Victor, until she has her god friends in Katie meets Emily, Wallace and Gromit with their first adventure. Her real appearance was called: Pilot (also known as "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Picture Day"), she was a bit over-whelming and stress that she gets a dorky outfit from her embarrassment. In Season 1 & Season 2, she was a 15 year old girl who was still average and normal until when she was 16 in Season 3, her personality was intelligent, selfness and somewhat average but also in Season 4, she was heroic, still intelligent and very sassy towards her allies and mostly Villains.


Katie, Emily, Wallace and GromitEdit

Katie is often Adventurous, smart and very heroic. She helps her friends when ever they are in grave danger by physical things or any villains in the way. Her ability is her God Friends, the reason why is they help her from her misery and she does barley feel miserable when ever goes bad with out them. however, she hates the villains which makes her mad when ever they seen, heard or talk to. She claims to be nice to her friends but sometimes she gets annoyed with her friend's businesses, in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Fresh Katie, she was being chased by Victor Quartermaine to put in her jail because he reveals that she has lie to everyone that lipsticks are weaponry (even tho they weren't) and she was occasionally cheeky at Victor.

Adult Party Cartoony'sEdit

Unlike the series, she is was just an average, non-spin off girl who mostly likes to have her own attitude. She is very sassy and mostly determined for her crazy adventures. She has less respect for Bugs Bunny because he does some horrible things to her and her and Emily have an occasional hang outs instead of most of the times.

In "Katie, Emily, Wallace & Gromit: Bugs Bunny's Mascot", she does have a little kind words to bugs. However, she murdered Bugs Bunny Mascot for trying to kill her with a bang gun toy. Even though she doesn't (rarely) kill a rival, opponents or antagonists unless they make things worse or make her too-far. In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Emily's Pregnant", she was a determined for Emily's Baby Wemily of the birth. She sees Victor Quartermaine again and she doesn't fight over with Victor except that when he doesn't want to be a doctor.

The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show Edit

Katie has returned to the series. Katie is hero in Midland, Michigan and has more adventures with her friends and her new member GLaDOS. Katie and her Anti-Pesto gang are also detectives and Katie is more reasonable and not (traditionally) fooled by her old and new rivals.

Katie use her weapons (such as her Gem Gloves, Portal Gun, Gem Glasses (upgraded to X-ray Gem Glasses,) and she meets her new antagonistic rivals Evil Katie & Evil Morty and tries to her weapons or her abilities to defeat them as possible.

Katie Sandow's Adventures Game Edit


Katie usually wears some normal clothes in every episodes. In "Pilot", her hair were originally soft and she has blonde hair. She, However, in Public Domain films, she has off-exist coloured version of an old coloured of 1900's. She occasionally wears dresses whenever she sings, weddings, proms or something is important, but mostly red, blue, purple, green, purple or pink dresses. In later seasons, she gets taller then season 0 or 1 to 4 and she pretty much is almost tall as Wallace nor Emily.

She wears Garnet outfit in Victor's Revenge part 2

Near Death ExperienceEdit

Katie occasionally gets minor deaths form the villains because they wanted to kill her, however Katie never usually dies in every episodes, but in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: When Losers Attacks, it was a false move that people thought Katie really did die but it was just the villains as Katie and kill themselves. In Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Batz Attack!, She nearly got killed by over 300, 000 bats that ruins Katie's Room, so villains tried and tried to destroy/kill her but Katie avoids it.

Objects Edit



Katie and Emily have been great friends since the very beginning of the show. Katie seems to be the only character in the show who gets along with all of the main and background characters. Somehow, Katie and Emily has similar personality's and seem very intelligent for their plans. Emily does seem to like her a lot and Katie also likes to hang out with her, But in "Katie meets Emily, Wallace and Gromit, Katie doesn't seem about Emily's attitude but likes it anyways.

In every Theme Songs, they both sing at the same time in later seasons and have the same lines. In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Nassor", katie technically ignores every Emily's ideas and decides to do it her own with out any of Emily's words, and also in "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Shades of Gray", They mostly get along (with Gromit) without Wallace and have an agree attitudes towards Wallace and Valerie and have mad faces but mostly Emily anyways.

one time in "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie and Valerie", Katie somewhat dislikes Emily because Katie was in a bad mood to get stuck with Valerie for the whole week and rather do work then needing anyones help and Emily was feeling bad and rather leave her along for a while, however in thens, Katie apologises to Emily for what she said and Emily accepts it.

Katie and Emily have a good relationship and usually stick to each other in (almost or all) every episodes.


She does like him but sometimes Wallace does cause some perils in front of her and barely goes wrong from their bad memories. However Katie and Wallace doesn't communicate with their talk around with other people. In Katie meets Emily, Wallace and Gromit, she seems to like Wallace's intelligence until after few episodes, Wallace begun a little goof with his intelligent and annoys Katie but Wallace is still intelligent throughout some inventions.

In Some episodes, Wallace usually helps Katie while Emily's not around but also sometimes Wallace doesn't help just because Wallace thinks something else instead of Katie's problems. In 2 episodes "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Case of The Missing Katie" and "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie Vs. Vicky", she seems to forget about Wallace's death instead of the end of "Katie Vs. Vicky episode" and she reveals that she has a Wallace clone machine and she doesn't feel bad for Wallace's death.

In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Shades of Gray", She has no interest towards Walalce's stupidity with a love towards a Villain Valerie Gray and Katie doesn't talk to him until Wallace finishes with Valerie's relationship. In the end, Katie talks to Wallace again since Wallace revealed that Valerie was broke and decides to hang out with Katie again and Katie likes that.


They are friends, but she does treat Gromit as "her" dog and she and Gromit work perfectly as a team (like Wallace). Katie and Gromit gets along well with him and have some good ideas.

Sonic The Hedgehog Edit

Katie and Sonic first met in "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie, the Speed", Katie was somewhat jealous of Sonic for his fastest shoes, which amazed Sonic from her new shoes. However, In Season 1, they have a on and off relationship until in Season 3, they get along well and works together as a team.

Victor QuartermaineEdit

Katie and Victor don't remain to like each other, they hate each other when Victor was going to paint Emily's perfect wedding dress for the picture day in "Pilot".

In "The History of God Friends", Emily revealed that when Katie was 10 years old, Katie met Victor who was 25 years old and Victor, unlike vicky, torture her and do's to listen to him what ever he says and thats why they hate each other.

In the last episode of Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit in "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie's Last Stand", she was un-sure why Victor was helping her and giving some advices in Aperture Science facility, but she sort of liked the 'new' Victor.After Katie defeated GLaDOS again, Victor betrayed her and reveals to rule Aperture Science and have Katie keep testing for the rest of her life. In the end of the movie, She portal the moon and Victor and Katie sucked in to a orange to blue portal and GLaDOS knocked Victor out of here and gets lost and Katie though she will never see her again, but will return presumably.


Katie strongly disapproves of GLaDOS' selfishness and murderous thoughts, always getting bored off of her. Katie first met GLaDOS after Katie got unconcerns and possibly was dragged by Victor and put her in the Aperture Science dome. Katie was unsure whats going on and completes all the tests and GLaDOS tries to kill Katie causing Katie scared and focused and then later, she finally found GLaDOS, destroying her behaviour cores and killed her.

In the lats episode, Katie stills hates GLaDOS and tries to reach up again, and unlike the previous statement, GLaDOS didn't die and put Victor uncharge. After Victor puts Katie and GLaDOS down to the Bowels of the earth, GLaDOS (briefly) allies with Katie to stop Victor as team mates. In the end, GLaDOS begins antagonist'd Katie again nd lets her go, causing Katie feel emotional.

In the Sequel show, Katie and GLaDOS are members with each other but still have a dislike relationship with each other.

Valerie GrayEdit

Katie and Valerie were rivals ever since they love Thomas during Season 1, they became arch-rivals in season 2-6, until the final episode of Season 7 Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie and Valerie, they presume to be friends. Valerie returned in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Valerie Returns, they are true friends and got along fine.


Katie dislikes Vicky, even when vicky embarrass her, torture her and sometimes put her on a coma. However, they now and then became friends when vicky or Katie changes there Affiliations or work together for stealing their thunder.

In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie Twinsanity", they work together and they being nice to each other but in the end, vicky betrays her.

In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Friendly Vicky", Katie doesn't seem to like vicky being a little pest around her, but katie doesn't seem to mind ever since Kaie saved her life but Katie begins to hate Vicky's too far friendliness.

Lord Barkis Bittern Edit

Katie Sandow dislikes Lord Barkis because Lord Barkis acts like Victor Quartermaine and tries to destroy Emily. They don't share there common, not one bit but there one common is they hate each other.

Austin Ryan Edit

Katie's 10 year old childhoodEdit

Olie and purple guy drawing test by hearthorn21-d8bq5fn

Katie and Purple Guy

When she was ten, She was with Purple Guy as her "Father", Katie was miserable and upset because she still thinks that Purple guy and her are not related from their looks. Emily reveals that Purple Guy is actually the killer ever since Emily, Wallace and gromit finishes their god friends and transport to Katie. Which is possible that Katie was right about him, Wallace also reveals that Purple Guy use to be friends with the other villains as well when he was popular. In "New Kid", Emily revealed that Vicky is way miserable then Purple Guy, it actually makes scene because Purple Guy use to have bad days until when his god friends left he become the killer once more. When Purple Guy became the killer, purple guy calls himself "the killer" and wants to Kill\murder Katie and his old friend Victor Quartermaine.


She usually uses her god friends as her helper. But besides her friends. She does have more abilities like Singing, action moves and pretty much some other stuff with her intelligence.

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Songs Edit

Bad Apple (Song) English and Japanese version

Can't fight the moonlight

Stop The Bats! (Song)

Rise From Your Tomb!


Katie's Robotic Music Video

My Past is Not Today

Keep 'Em Guessing (song)


Why Don't You Do Right (Jessica Rabbit version)


Stronger Than You (Garnet's song)

S O S song

Friendship Through the Ages

We Are The Crystal Gems (Steven Universe Theme Song)

My Immortal

What More Is Out There

The PowerPuff Girls (Ending Song)



  • She reveals in Seaosn 7, she was one of the CIA agents.


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