Mr. Digg
M Digg looking at katie.jpeg
Friends Remus Lupin
Mr. Carrigg
Katie Sandow
Vicky (Twice)
Likes/Interests English, friends, Katie, learning
Enemies Mr. Crocker
Vicky (most of the time)
Veruca Salt
Dislikes/Hates Being a horrible teacher
Status Alive

Digby Sellers (aka Mr. Digg) is Katie Sandow's cool, laid-back substitute teacher. In his lessons he often implied that he had educated celebrities like Mr. Carrigg and Remus Lupin. He befriended Lizzie's dad in one of the episodes and hates Katie's temporary teacher, Mr. Crocker. In Katie's view, Mr. Digg actually gave great advice and taught stuff that was not only true but also very useful, even when it wasn't in the lesson plan. Plus, Mr. Digg also had his own unconventional way of teaching subjects, and didn't believe in using a lesson plan.


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