Occupation Student of Element Casp High
Age 14
Friends Toshiaki
Valerie Gray
Enemies Katie Sandow (formerly)
lady Tottington
Likes/Interests Winning, beating Katie's game
Dislikes/Hates Losing, failing, lady Tottington's wedding
Status Alive

Nassor is Katie Sandow's Bully unlike the populars, his best friend is Toshiaki and apparently Kwan. He has a girlfriend Valerie Gray and he is not very bright towards her which kinda horrifies her (which she secretly like). His the Main Antagonist in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Wedding, he plans to get rid of Lady Tottington

In Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Nassor, he acts somewhat nice and less anti-scary, in the beginning, he reveals Nassor has a niece Valerie Gray (Nassor was pretending to be like that.)

Personality and DescriptionEdit

Nassor is highly intelligent, serious, intense, and a 14-year old boy. He takes a darker, more doomsday view on life than the other kids in Katie's Town. Nassor is instantly sceptical of the rumours surrounding Katie’s experiments with electricity, but once convinced, is zealous in his attempts to obtain Katie’s secrets.


Katie Sandow = He doesn't like Katie from he happiness, until in the final episode, he becomes un-hateful toward her and barely talks to her but no enemies anymore.

Valerie Gray - He loves her and he sometimes scares her but he knows she doesn't care about it a presume kiss in later episodes.

Kwan = One of Nassor's best Friends. they look similar looks on their faces and personalities but unlucky. Kwan serves him for anything and Nassor doesn't understand why but he will soon.

Lady Tottington = He doesn't actually like her, apparently when he heard about Lady Tottington's wedding he tries to get rid of her away from Geoff Clayton and be no husband and no wife over.

Victor Quartermaine = He does somewhat respect him but victor hates him for more villains, but Nassor doesn't care but does't care about victor as well and usually has no respect for him.

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