O Say, Can You Remember the Words? is the twelfth episode of The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show series.


Katie, Emily, and Wallace are in drama class, doing exercises. When their teacher announces they will be doing Romeo and Juliet, both Katie and Emily are reluctant to end up with Wallace or GLaDOS as their partner. However, Katie ends up with GLaDOS. They start working on the play, but GLaDOS can't focus, and keeps making sarcastic and rude comments. Miley soon finds out, that due to an experience a long time ago, GLaDOS can't be serious in front of an audience. She gets mad that she is never serious and tells her father she will bail on him, just as GLaDOS is coming into the room. GLaDOS gets mad too.

Later, at a game, Katie sings "The Star Spangled Banner", and sings the wrong words because she is so distracted. She is nationally embarrassed. Katie stays in the fight with GLaDOS, until she goes on a show called Top Rockers But when in her dressing room she is scared but Emily, dressed as a random lady in a purple wig, brings very large cards with her lyrics on them. However, these lyrics get blocked by many different people, and Katie finally falls down, and messes up her song. Then GLaDOS starts singing along, and so does everyone else, and Katie remembers the lyrics. In the end, Katie 'apologizes' to GLaDOS.

In a subplot, Lady Tottington has to cure Adagio's candy habit after a bad trip to the dentist, but this soon become her own obsession as she becomes more addicted to candy than Adagio was. Then Lady Totty has a dream that she will get really fat and Adagio will get very strong. Lady Totty wakes up and tries to stop eating junk food. While watching her friend's concert and eating carrots, she has a hallucination that the pillows on the couch are talking chocolate bunnies.



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