Photo camera
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 26/12/14
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Katie Sandow
Katie's Wishes Get Rid of Katie's sweater for the picture day (failed wish)
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N/A Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Rainbow Rocks
Pilot is the very first episode in the series. There's also another name for the episode called: Katie's Picture of Doom. Katie's parents send her to school wearing the sweater from her nana knitted on Picture Day. Emily has a better outfit, which Adagio, unfortunately, has on as well. Wallace but Gromit doesn't see the big deal about the picture, though he understands the girls' pain when Wallace and Gromit is forced to follow the crowd with his pose. After feeling the peer pressure he helps Katie to find a better outfit. Vicky is also afraid of going to school so she fakes being sick but she doesnt fool her parents.


Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit all have big problems on the day their pictures are to be taken for the junior high yearbook of god friends. Adagio searches and searches for the right thing to wear, but her mother insists she put on a hideous sweater that her grandmother gave her. Emily runs afoul of Adagio when they both show up wearing identical outfits.

And Wallace and Gromit feels the pressure to assume a tough-guy pose when his picture is snapped. Meanwhile Vicky hasn't studied for a quiz at school, so she fakes being sick to get out of it. But she finds out that her mom's cure can be worse than the disease.



One of Katie's sceneEdit

  • Emily = It's not just a picture. Were are in middle school now, these pictures don't go home in the onvolobe, these pictures get published in the year book.

(Victor Quartermaine looks at Katie's sweater and spills milk all over his face with laughter then people laughs)

  • Emily: Your sweater just gave Victor Quartermaine nose milk! this is serious.

One of Vicky's sceneEdit

  • Vicky's Mom: do you know what you need? some soup
  • Vicky's Mom: No borsh! it's cold, beet soup. vita been seed. real good *walks off*
  • Vicky: *whispers to herself* i hate beets!


  • This title was originally gonna called: "Katie's Picture of Doom!". It's also gonna be the second episode. And, The Episode was originally gonna be about Katie meets her god friends but Brandon actually changed it.
  • Vicky reveals that she hates beets.
  • The Dazzlings are the very first Female(s) antagonists and also the first main antagonist.

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