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Pink Panther
Friends Katie Sandow
Bugs Bunny
Likes/Interests helping his friends, being groovy, famous, pink
Enemies Anti-Katie
The Dazzlings
Dislikes/Hates getting injured, blue, being blamed
Status Alive

Pink Panther is the false antagonist and deuteragonist Panther in Katie, Emily, Wallace, Gromit: Anti-Katie. He Accidentally created Anti-Katie while he was creating Gromit's new bone and he tries to get rid of Anti-Katie (with Katie Sandow) and gets back to create Gromit's new Bone until Wallace gave Gromit a new bone.


Katie SandowEdit

Pink Panther likes Katie, but in the beginning of the episode, Katie dislikes pink patter for "creating" Anti-Katie but Pink Panther forgives her when they defeat (destroy) Anti-Katie.



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