Vital statistics
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Likes/interests Unknown
dislikes/hates Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Status Unknown
Age Unknown
God relationships
God Father Unknown
God Mother Unknown
God Pet Unknown
Physical Appearances
first appearance Unknown
last appearance Unknown

SeeU is a Korean VOCALOID developed and distributed by SBS A&T (formerly SBS Artech), and was released in October 2011 for South Korea and later in December for Japan. Her voice is provided by Korean female singer, Dahee Kim, a member of the K-Pop idol group, 'GLAM'. Dahee recorded in Korean and Japanese for the two voicebanks.

Appearance Edit

SeeU was given a moe-esque design and is aimed more specifically to the general and VOCALOID Otaku fandom. SBS stated that SeeU was created to be a "cute and lively yet mysterious looking 17 year old girl." Her outfit was designed with a school uniform in mind. Her official illustrations and design was created by KKUEM.

Her cat ears/nekomimi are speakers. According to her illustrator, they are actually detachable[3] Her neckband is a CD player. Soundwaves light up on the rectangle of her flat-shoes and on the upper part of her top (chest). There's a pause button at the back of her clothes, a power button on the ribbon of her neckband and an "on" button on one of the buttons at the front of her top. During a virtual interview starring SeeU conducted by SBS, SeeU revealed her clothing size to be XXS.

Gallery Edit

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