Spring Trap
Spring Trap.png
Occupation former animatronic singer
Family Animatronics
Friends Animatronics (formerly)
Enemies Katie Sandow, Animatronics, Emily, Wallace, Gromit, Bugs Bunny, Victor Quartermaine, Zeena The Zeti, Vicky, Kwan, Trixie Tang, Remus Lupin, Mr. Carrigg
Likes/Interests Animatronics (formerly), turning people into robots, Bonnie
Dislikes/Hates Katie, People, Animatronics
Status Deceased

Spring Trap is the Secondary, later main antagonist in The Katie Sandow's Adventures Movie 2, he s recurring major character that doesn't appear until the middle and end scene. His goal s turn Katie Sandow into a Robot and become his slave forever, however, he use to be friends with the Animatronics until why betrayed him. Until that battle was over, he got killed by Katie from the the hacking device. Spring Trap reveals to Katie that he is Purple guy inside him and dies so he says it's her turn because purple guy also reveals controlling Spring Trap (altho Spring Trap is not a anti-hero and he is controlling himself.)


He is clammed to be sarcastic and cruel. He is a sneaky animatronic that has no caring towards Katie and her friends but mostly Animatronics. When Spring Trap battles katie, he is very trickster and evil.



  • (To Katie Sandow) Don't be afraid, Katie, the transformation won't hurt, hehe, much! besides i think you'll be enjoyed been a robot.
  • (To Wallace) Don't you ever shut up!?
  • Oh, i can't handle this anymore (last words)