Trixie Tang
trixie Tang.jpg
Occupation Student of Element Casp high
Age 15-16
Friends Kwan (boyfriend)
Katie Sandow
Wallace (ex-boyfriend)
Valerie Gray (formerly)
Mike Teavee
Enemies Victor Quartermaine
katie Sandow (sometimes)
Likes/Interests being popular, popular kids, friends, being herself, Katie, Kwan
Dislikes/Hates un-popular kids, talking to un-popular kids
Status Alive

Trixie Tang is Wallace's ex-boyfriend and Kwan's new boyfriend and she's a rare minor antagonist in the series. She's one of the cool and popular kids and she doesn't bully students that much but she does call out security when the un-popular kids are talking to her (besides Katie Sandow.)


She's one of the popular kids with Kwan, Vicky (some day) and formerly Valerie Gray, she's very generous but sometimes a bit heartless to un-popular kids, like or unlike Kwan. She's very intelligent and pretty much popular. She sometimes treats the un-popular kids very bad sometimes and laughs at heir pain wight he populars. She rarely can help people or find out what their up to.

List of her current or former Love InterestEdit





they are lovers. they first met when they both became popular but sometimes she gets jealous about him dating Vicky over her and they barley fight for that. They get along and their share thier common most of the time.

Katie SandowEdit

They are friends. Mostly close friends but they don't talk to each other in front of people because people might think they'll tease them of popular and non-popular and sometimes they fight over Katie or Trixie's pain.


They are unknown. They don't actually don't know each other but they actually seen or talk t each other but the barley agree from each other.


They are exes. When they first met, Wallace seems to old to be in love with a teenage girl but they do hang out and they get to know well. However, when Wallace spots on Emily, he broke up with her including Trixie because they think it's weird of an adult and child in love.

Valerie GrayEdit

Trixie and Valerie use to be friends with their popular theories, until when Valerie b=was broke, Trixie teases her wight he other populars and never talk again.

Victor QuartermaineEdit

When Victor spots her and tries to ask her out, Trixie thinks his crazy and dislikes his serious tone. When Victor tries several attempts, Trixie thinks his gone insane and calls the police to put him int he crazy fun house.