Violet Beauregarde
Age 11
Family Mrs. Beauregarde (mother)
Friends Mike Teavee (boyfriend)
Enemies Katie Sandow Wallace Gromit Emily Willy Wonka
Likes/Interests chewing gum, Mike Teavee,
Dislikes/Hates spit gum out,

Violet Beauregarde is a main antagonist.

Realationship Edit

Mike Teavee Edit

She likes Mike, one account that Mike is mean towards Willy Wonka or 3 other kids. She gets along well and have no dislikes towards him.

Veruca Salt Edit

Violet doesn't like Veruca because she's afraid that she will win the contest so she pretends to be Veruca's "best friend".

Mrs. Beauregarde Edit

Mrs Beauregarde is Violet's mother. Violet seems to have a good relationship with her mother because she always encourages Violet to win. However, this changes when Violet remains permanently blue.

Willy Wonka Edit

Violet does seem to respect Willy Wonka as she hugged him. But she didn't listen to him when he told her to spit out the gum and went on and saw the consequence.

Katie Sandow Edit

She was rude to Katie and called her a loser when grabbing a caramel apple. When she (Violet) is the loser.

Quotes Edit

"I'm a champion and been a loser like you."

"I'm a hold a chewing gum i'm not afraid of anything Mr. Wallace."

"It's amazing tomato soup i'm running down my throat."

"It's changing roast beef and baked potato come a skin with butter."

"Blueberry pie and ice cream."

"What to you mean?"

"Mother, what's happening to me?"

"(swelling speaks) Mr. Wonka!"

"(swelling speaks) Mother help me please!"

"Look mother i have much more flexible now!"

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