• Oh, come on lad, keep searching for any chaos villains away from Emily and Katie.
  • "Come on Emily, you're a zombie bride and blue butterfly girl."
  • "Shall i go get the Wand, Katie?"
  • "Gromit, where's Emily and Katie?"
  • "*gasps*" look at Emily's inside eye it's Maggot!"
  • "She's swelling up, like a Blueberry."
  • "Nice work Team Sonic."
  • "Uhh...Emily what's happening to me?" (in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit : The Curse Of the Corpse Bride)
  • "Uh...What's up Girl?"
  • "Long Time no see."
  • "*gasps* Oh, it's hopeless. I’ll never fix this flippin' machine. Me mind's just a rabbit-y mush. Oh, Gromit. l don't wanna be a giant rabbit! *Blowing his nose and sobbing*

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