Deadly Six ZEENA.png
Age 120
Friends Victor Quartermaine (ex-boyfriend)
The Dazzlings
Lord Barkis Bittern
The Riddler (former partner)
Likes/Interests Fashion

Nail art Spending time with herself

Enemies Emily, Wallace, Gromit, Katie Sandow, Heroes
Dislikes/Hates Anyone who insults her nail art

Her looks being ruined

Status Alive

Zeena is one of the 2 primary antagonist and Victor Quatermaine's ex-girlfriend.


"I'm just getting ready."

"Well, I'd say you've got the right girl for the job!"

"We promise you will be happy in our service."

" Victor, I have really break through my fashion and i really got a change to be stupid."

"The last time we met you ruined my nail art. Now I have to reapply a whole new coat."

You're going to pay for that... as soon as my nails dry. 

Relationships Edit

Victor Quartermaine Edit

Wallace Edit

Sonic The Hedgehog Edit

Emily Edit

Gallery Edit

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